January 6, 2010
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Skin Care Studio

This time of year, my skin gets so dry it practically develops a crust. Forget moisturizer, I needed an intervention. Headed straight to Terri Carboni, who I heard could fix me up. Terri uses Yon-ka skin care products from France (bien sur), an aromatherapeutic line created from essential oils, fruit and plant extracts (no weird unpronouncable ingredients). After an hour or so of massaging various ointments into my face (not to mention the head, neck and hand massage) and a teeny bit of gentle extraction, I do think I managed a youthful glow.
Even a week later, my normally parched epidermis is, dare I say, dewy? Hate to think she’s a well-kept secret, because she shouldn’t be. In the Bridal Mall in Niantic of all places. You’ll thank me, and I’m thanking Laura, because she told me I HAD to go. Facials for men and teens, too.

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