January 11, 2012
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Start Change

A New Year’s Wellness Workshop
Emrys Tetu
Emrys Tetu is one of those people who exude good health and radiance. Flawless skin, clear eyes, taut yoga body. She’s a certified health counselor, holds healthy cooking classes at the Shoreline’s newest cooking school, The Upstairs Kitchen, and teaches yoga at Riverdog and Saybrook Point Inn. In May, she’s running a workshop at KripaluLongevity and Optimal Health, Lessons in Creating Your Best Day Ever. And, frankly, she could easily be the sort I’d find extremely annoying (too perfect!) but she’s an absolute pleasure. People refer to what she’s got as “great energy.” They used to call it charisma! Enough with the intro. Emrys is up to some interesting stuff: sign up for Start Change, A New Year’s Wellness Workshop at Riverdog Yoga in Old Saybrook on January 15th. You’ll learn how to improve your energy, identify obstacles to success in achieving your goals (and avoid them) and focus on enjoying each day. All in two hours! $45 per person and $80/pair (bring your partner). Head to The Upstairs Kitchen on January 22nd for Emrys’ cooking class, New Year, New Breakfast, Start Every Day Feeling Your Best. I asked Emrys for some New Year’s tips. Read them here and try her surprisingly tasty recipe for Kale Chips.
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Emrys Tetu

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