October 3, 2012
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Chester Cupcakery

It used to be that every small town had a pizza place and a Chinese take-out. Nowadays, every hamlet needs a cupcake bakery, so it is entirely fitting that the Cupcakery opened recently in Chester. Around The E List office, all you have to do is mention the word cupcake and it’s cause for a road trip. Hidden under the Local Beet (the door is around the side on Water Street), you’ll find a sweet nook devoted to one yummy treat.
We made lunch out of Red Velvet, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Lemon Blueberry, Chocolate Raspberry and Coconut and were tempted to hang around for Pumpkin Marshmallow, still in the oven. What we liked? All of them, and the fact that they are traditional cupcake-sized goodies, not the mammoth version so popular these days. Open Wednesday through Sunday,  $3 each or $30 per dozen.

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