October 10, 2012
Newsletters / October 10, 2012

October 10, 2012

Four years ago this week, I sent the very first The E List to 200 friends. Here’s what I had to say in 2008:
Welcome to The E List, an excruciatingly opinionated e-newsletter of all good things on the shoreline. We like to think our readers are a savvy bunch that is ever on the look out for the Next Big Thing. There is plenty going on between New London and New Haven, but the art venues, fashion destinations, food purveyors and restaurants are spread out and often hard to find. Who makes a stunning floral arrangement? Where’s the best wine selection? What’s the go-to salon? We’ll announce the sales and events that matter, the must-have items of the season and tell you where to eat and what to do this weekend. If you like us, pass it on.
And pass it on, they did. We reached 10,000 subscribers last month. Thank you, thank you for reading, forwarding, facebooking and tweeting to friends and a special thank you to my sponsors without whom there would be no The E List. I scoured the archives for reader favorites over the years, and here are some goodies from past lists.
p.s. Hope you’ll join me for our first Girl’s Night Out of the season to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Details below.

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