November 14, 2012
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Six Main

Ever curious about the raw vegan food movement, I signed up for French Classics in the Raw, a Saturday demo-style class with Chef Rachel Carr at Six Main, the new vegetarian restaurant in Chester. With nothing but a food processor and a dehydrator, Rachel worked some weird magic with even weirder ingredients.
I snickered to myself as she blended cashews, miso, coconut oil and spirulina together to make “Bleu Cheese.” And laughed even harder when the stuff actually tasted very much like the real thing! A Nicoise Salad incorporated a tuna pate made from shredded carrot, sunflowers seeds, tamari and kelp. Crazily delish.
Her sleight of hand continued with Apple Tart Tatin in a Buckwheat Shell. Not sure that I’ll run out and buy a dehydrator any time soon, but I learned more about food and nutrition in this class than any other. Click here for recipes.

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