July 10, 2013
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Kate Cordsen at Lori Warner

You’d think I know a thing or two about art: I was born into a family of artists and dragged to museums as soon as I could toddle. Still, I don’t always “get” what I’m looking at. For me, a visit to the artist’s studio helps me to understand the work. That’s why I jumped at the chance to see Kate Cordsen’s studio and preview her photographs and paintings in preparation for her upcoming show at Lori Warner Gallery.

Everything is appealing about Kate: her rigorous aesthetic, muted palette, the minimalist studio, her stunning home (featured in the pages of CT Cottages and Gardens), but Ravine, a new series of photographs, reveals what interests her. The large scale, dramatic photographs of reflections in watery landscapes have a dreamlike, almost abstract quality. And they’re gorgeous. Solo exhibit at Lori Warner opens Saturday, July 13th with a reception at 6pm. Read more about Kate’s work here:

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Lori Warner Studio Gallery

21 Main Street
Chester, Connecticut 06412


From Lori Warner Studio Gallery

Dream. Create. Inspire. Located in the heart of the village of Chester, Connecticut, the Lori Warner Gallery showcases a variety of unique mediums that artists utilize to express themselves while inspiring others’ imaginative spirit.

Lori Warner Gallery exhibits a carefully selected collection of beautiful and thought-provoking pieces which are one of a kind. In our efforts to emphasize the process of art and demonstrate the value of the time and effort devoted to each piece, we frequently offer artist demonstrations, meet-the-artist events, openings, art installations and workshops for both adults and children. Lori Warner Gallery strives to engage the community and give back through philanthropic activities.

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