September 4, 2013
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The Green Elephant

I approach beauty products the same way I approach my diet: pretty good most of the time, but a few cheats won’t kill me. And while I try to steer clear of the six most toxic substances in cosmetics (click here for the list), many organic products don’t deliver the results I’m looking for: super hydration, zit-zapping, wrinkle reduction! Then I found The Green Elephant in Mystic.
Renee Gwaltney, ex-spa director at the Ocean House, has done her homework and stocked her new shop with tons of lines that are not only organic, but have the science behind them to get the job done. I’m particularly taken with Arcona’s Eye Dew, creamy and luminous Vapour Organic Foundation and RMS’ Living Luminizer. (I bought my husband the wrinkle cream from Arcona’s men’s line–he was not amused).
No confusing menu of mango masks and salt scrubs here, Renee offers just one facial. After evaluating the condition of your skin, she’ll customize her organic facial depending on your needs, from massive moisturizing to extraction ($50 for new customers). Renee is a certified aesthetician AND massage therapist, so a treat for your feet comes along with the facial. 

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