October 23, 2013
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Athena’s Fitness Synergy



By Amy Lee, Guest Writer

Fitness Synergy not only has it all, it also has the only Barre class around. I gave it a try for many reasons: I am the least graceful person I know, it’s supposed to lengthen your muscles (which Lord knows I need) and celebs from Drew Barrymore to Dita Von Teese say it kicks your ass. While one class does not long and lean muscles make, it did deliver on the other two counts–particularly the ass kicking. The instructor Hillary suggested the 3 pound weights over the 5, but I’m a hard core bootcamper and opted to go “big”. Note to self: listen next time. Athena’s core offerings–boot camp and Pilates–are as good as they get. The former packs a mean punch for those days when you want to hit your cardio and strength training hard. And the group mat Pilates classes are a perfect complement as they are a bit more gentle, but no less demanding.

Classes: Bootcamp, Pilates and Barre, Private Reformer

Schedule: Varies a bit; usually 2 classes per day at 9:30 am and 6 pm as well as weekends. Leaves lots of time for private or duet reformer classes.

Atmosphere: Welcoming and fresh. Athena calls it the “Treehouse” thanks to its windowed perch on the second floor. Open, airy space for group classes and cozier rooms for Pilates.

Price: Group classes range from $15/class for drop-in to as low as $10 for a book of 50.

Extras: Twice yearly “Fitness in Paradise” trips where Athena organizes an all-inclusive (that means exercise included) trip to somewhere fab.

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