September 15, 2014

Fall Fashion and Discounts! 9/10/14

Once upon a time the New York Times had a children’s fashion magazine section. While most kids were bemoaning back-to-school, August Sundays found me anxiously ripping apart the paper, hoping to find buried treasure. I would pour over the pages for inspiration and then set to drawing long-legged creatures in plaid kilts and corduroy bell bottoms. It was this dog-eared insert that likely launched my career in fashion. Every season presented something fresh and new. These days, not so much. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen it all before, but it’s hard to get all fired up over midi skirts (it’s about time!) and motorcycle jackets. My lifestyle on the Shoreline doesn’t really call for outsized fake fur or head-to-toe chunky knits, two trends this fall. Although, I must say, the return of the culotte is slightly intriguing. Call me suburban, but I do get excited about a perfect legging and nothing beats a poncho for one-size-fits-all, throw-on chic!  Read on for my picks.

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