December 16, 2014
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Crowning Glory Reopens

We were so sad to see Crowning Glory close; we’ve missed ogling Sandy Goodkind’s one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessory picks.  Well, good news! She just couldn’t stay away from retail (something I completely understand) and has reopened in Branford, in the same building as Fuzion (pull in to the parking lot and the shop is right there). You’ll find Sandy’s signature instant heirlooms: combining vintage charms, medallions, love tokens, bits and bobs with antique chains to create a one-off treasure. She’s happy to whip you up a custom piece: drag out that old cameo of Great Aunt Helen’s that you’ve never worn and have Sandy refashion it into a cool ring or necklace. To round out the merch, Crowning Glory carries plenty of on-trend costume jewelry, along with giftable and well-priced scarves and bags, all of which look much more dear than they are. I snagged a few stretchy gold bracelets (yup, they pass for the real thing) for $20 bucks each.



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