April 6, 2015
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Readers’ Recommendations for Home Repair

Because we’ll all need an army of roofers and painters and landscapers to put our houses and yards to rights after this horrendous winter, I asked readers for their recommendations. Originally I was going to post just the top few for each category, but we decided to include everyone. 

Please note that these businesses are recommended by our readers. We have not personally worked with or vetted businesses on this list.

Thor Roofing LLC, Wallingford, 203-623-6674
LT Construction, New London,  860-326-9322
Heritage Home Improvements, Guilford, 203-689-5148
P.L. Mountzoures Inc., Old Lyme, 860-434-9540
Glenn R Gundersen Co., Guilford, 203-453-3571
Dave Wheeler, Ivoryton, 860-395-4844
John Hardy Roofing, Madison and Old Lyme, 203-915-1120
Kevin King, Saybrook Roofing, 860-388-5993
Scott Struzinsk, Killingworth, 860-663-3935
Bob Johnson, East Haddam, 860-447-1558

Nature’s Design, Madison, 203-421-0260
Torrison Stone and Garden, Durham, 860-349-0119
TEC Landscape Design, Madison, 203-245-4295
Sachem Landscaping, Guilford, 203-458-6389
Mike Geer’s Landscape Maintenance, Waterford, 860-235-0574
Riverstone Landscaping, LLC, Deep River, 860-575-0324
Burnett’s Landscaping, Salem, 860-859-3100
J&R Landscaping, Guilford, 203-887-8628
Riverstone Landscaping, LLC, Deep River, 860-575-0324
TNT Landscaping, Lebanon, 860-228-9558
Christine Darnell Gardens, Chester, 860-526-9996
Hortus Landscape, Deep River, 860-388-8103
Cameron Landscape Design, Old Saybrook, 860-388-9499
Giroux Landscaping, Chester, 860-391-2341

Garden Keeper, Old Lyme, 860-434-5170
Gail Bishop, Thunder Hill Design, Guilford, 203-515-9889
Christine Darnell Gardens, Chester, 860-526-9996
TEC Landscape Design, Madison, 203-245-4295
TNT Landscaping, Lebanon, 860-228-9558
Riverstone Landscaping, LLC, Deep River, 860-575-0324
Hortus Landscape, Deep River, 860-388-8103

Leigh Grudzinski, Rocky Shore Painting, 203-804-1042
LT Construction, New London, 860-326-9322
Aaron Reneson, Lyme, 860-434-3016
Tuesday Walker, Niantic, 860-235-6929
Mystic River Paintworks, Mystic, 860-535-4415
Tom Wilson, Lyme, 860-434-7257
Wiese Painting Inc, Shoreline, 860-790-0345
Joshua Wiese, Higganum, 860-790 -0345
Perez Painting, Guilford, 203-453-3818
Wallz Etc. by Kim, LLC, Old Saybrook, 860-790-3455
Austin Professional Painting, 203-824-2485
Mauricio Salazar, East Haddam, 860-639-7568
Jeffrey Wright, Shoreline, 203-982-0900
Martinez Painting, Essex, 860-767-2610
Carey Murphy, Stonington, 860-608-3673
Painting by Richard Gallagher, Madison, 203-214-8137
Tom Bowe, Deep River, 860-526-3504
Fitzgerald Painting, Old Saybrook, 860-388-4595
Performance Painting, Guilford, 203-453-3833
Martinez Painting Company, Clinton, 860-767-2610


Erik Block Design Build
Travis Parker Construction, Ivoryton, 860-662-0446
Frank Lamonaca, Clinton, 860-575-2854
Everything Under the Roof LLC, Branford, 203- 208-1042
LT Construction, New London, 860-326-9322
North Cove Construction, Old Saybrook, 860-388-9340
Heritage Home Improvement, Guilford, 203-689-5148
Troiano Home Improvements, Cheshire, 203-868-4448
John Vogt, Essex Framing Company
18th Century Restoration Co., Waterford, 860-334-2466
Mystic River Building Company, SECT, 860-536-0102
Melanson Builders, Higganum, 860-918-2190
Christian Winkley of Oxford Builders, Hartford, 860-301-0753
Meeker Building and Remodeling, Madison, 203-668-3848
Clearbrook Construction, Deep River, 860-526-3154
Jon Larson, CODA Construction, Old Lyme, 860-338-0761
Hanler Building, Guilford, 203-453-4017
Eric Lyons Contracting, Mystic, 860-460-6417
Design-Based Construction, Erik Block Design, 860-575-0845
Bruno Ghigliazza, Madison, 203-245-7555
John Gonçalo, Winthrop, 860-304-3923
Bruno Ghigliazza, Madison, 203-245-7555
Mauricio Salazar, East Haddam, 860- 639-7568
Mike Bugbee, Killingworth, 860-388-7837
Pete Marino, Deep River,  860-227-8407
William Plunkett & Associates, Madison, 203-245-5846
AJ Shea Construction, Essex, 860-767-2969
Goran Boskovic, Bole Home Improvement, Guilford, 203-457-6910
Matthew Reale, M.N. Reale Construction LLC, Branford, 303-481-2422
Rick Brauchler, Clinton, 860-964-1200
Michael Doman, P&M Builders, Branford, 203-619-3321
Baldwin & Baldwin, Guilford, 203-453-6799
Mark J. Reeves, Ivoryton, 860-662-0021
Baldwin & Baldwin, Guilford, 203-453-6799
Harvest Building Company, Ivoryton
Herrie Custom Carpentry

Multi-Trades, LLC Ivoryton, 860-767-0256
LT Construction, New London, 860-326-9322
Mark Wayland Custom Carpenter, Lyme, 860-526-5930
Tim Palmer, Higganum, 860-345-3137
John Anderson, Madison, 203-314-5134
Peter Johnson, Guilford, 203-668-5205
Bruno Ghigliazza, Madison, 204-245-7555
Mauricio Salazar, East Haddam, 860-639-7568
JRS Construction, Madison, 203-314-8297
Matt Reale, Branford, 303-481-2423
Maintenance Masters, Madison, 203-314-7029
Baldwin & Baldwin, Guilford, 203-453-6799
Italian Craftsman, Madison, 203-245-7555

Jerry Duties, Madison.

Acorn Bernier, Clinton, 860-640-0004
Roger Dill, Lyme, 860-434-1059
Mike Flynn Electric, Old Lyme, 860-434-8128
Riveira Electric, Chester, 860-391-3566
Jillson Electric, Guilford, 203-458-2103
Sked Electric, Old Lyme, 860-434-3366
Dave Zachas, Colchester, 860-367-2141
John Sicuranza, Old Lyme, 860-434-4343
Fran Duty, Shoreline, 860-510-2810
Kevin Barnikow, KMB Electric, Branford, 203-483-5069
Scott Davidson, Lebanon, 860-228-9065
Riveira Electric Inc., Chester, 860-526-1907

Tree Removal Companies
Family Tree Care, Guilford, 203-457-9652
Affordable Tree, Madison, 203-245-3502
Wilcox Trees, Lyme, 860-434-2103
Jason Wilcox, Wilcox Tree Experts, 860-434-2103
Bartlett’s Expert Tree Service, 860-767-1752
Tree Company, Killingworth, 860-452-4228
Lindon Tree, Eastford, 860-974-1833
Tanner’s Tree Service, Clinton, 860-669-2828
Iselin Tree Experts, Madison, 203-245-0786
Derek Babinoux, Old Saybrook, 860-304- 9640

Window Washers
White Glove Services, Guilford, 203-457-9199
Sally’s Window Washing, Higganum, 860-345-2681

Power Washers
Heritage Home Improvements, Guilford, 203-689-5148
Cleanstar Restoration, Killingworth, 860-790-0390
Mauricio Salazar, East Haddam, 869-639-7568
Doug’s Power Washing, Niantic, 860-739-9630
Painting by Richard Gallagher, Madison, 203-214-8137

George Bonner, Guilford, 203-457-0652
Peter Speirs, Lyme, 860-434-7071
Greco and Haines, New Haven, 203-777-2256
Silverio Mechanical LLC, Essex, 860-581-8396
Bud Beauvais, Guilford, 203-453-5559
Joe Forst, Chester, 860-526-5101
Speirs Plumbing, Old Lyme, 860-434-7386
Canestri Plumbing and Heating, Guilford, 203-453-1306
Matt Powell, Powell Plumbing, Clinton, 203-824-2399

Stone Masons
Trowbridge Masonry, Old Lyme, 860-434-3368
Torrison Stone and Garden, Durham, 860-349-0119
Josh Sexton, Guilford, 203- 907-7626
Mat Varsen, Norwich, 860-204-1612
Dwight Massey, Deep River, 860-526-8349
TNT landscaping, Lebanon, 860-228-9558
Andy Cesana, 860-465-6537

Tree Service Companies
Wilcox Tree Experts, Old Lyme, 860-434-2103
Family Tree Care, Guilford, 203-457-9652
Mike Griger, 203-245-3502
Iselin Tree Experts, Madison, 203-245-0786
Derek Babinoux, Old Saybrook, 860-304-9640
Tanner’s Tree Service, Clinton, 860-669-2828

Driveway Repair Companies
At Water Paving, Guilford, 203-457-1297
Burnett’s Landscaping, Salem, 860-859-3100
S. Nettleton & Son Paving, Clinton, 860-669-7700
B & L Construction, Old Saybrook, 860-388-9665
Sullivan Paving, Essex, 860-767-2357

Pool Services
Tim Palmer, Higganum, 860-345-3137
Aquatic Pool, Northford, 800-239-7946
The Pool Guy, Old Saybrook, 860-388-6644
Crystal Clear Pools & Spas, Guilford, 203-458-7665
Pool Services by Will Hadder,  860-663-3270

Gutter Installation and Cleaning Services
Heritage Home Improvements, Guilford, 203-689-5148
D&R Home Improvement, Higganum, 860-345-3301

Chimney Sweeps
Pete Smith, Chester, 860-526-4252
Nutmegger Chimney Sweep, Guilford, 203-453-1421
American Chimney Sweeps, Chester, 860-526-4252
St. Nicholas Chimney Service, Clinton, 860-227-1136
Advanced Chimney Service, Killingworth, 860-663-3506

Other Services
Tile and Stone Work, Mike Mignone, West Haven, 203-934-1848
Wrought Iron Railings, Peter Rice, Ornamental Iron, Interior and Exterior, Lyme, 860-434-0329
Professional Organizer for Spring Clearing For Peace of Mind, 860-608-0451
Carpenter, Bruno Ghiliazza, 203-245-7555
Wallpaper, Peter Fell, Middletown, 860-346-5857
Excavation Contractor, Rhodes Construction Company, Old Saybrook, 860-388-0754
Garage Door Repair, Advanced Overhead Door, Branford, 203-488-6550
Reel Mower Sharpening, Daybreak Farm, Guilford, 203-458-8317
Sheds & Gazebos, Carefree Small Buildings, Clinton, 860-664-1620
Appliance Repair, Mastri Appliance, 203-892-2814
Stump Grinding & Excavation, Tri-Town Groundworks, Inc., Chester, 860-209-0545
David Fernandes, Hardwood Flooring, Old Saybrook, 860-510-1784
Cabinet/Furniture Maker, Joe Carl, Chester, 860-304-2055
Irrigation, Maxum Enterprises, Preston, 860-376-4630
Finish Carpenter, Ron Pinsoneault, 203-623-8015
Property Management, Hortus Landscape, 860-388-8103
Appliance Repair, R.J. Veitch Appliance Repair, Old Saybrook, 860-388-3888
Chicken Coop Builder, Moore Projects, East Haddam, 860-639-8632
A-Team Services: Power-washing, painting, gutters and all home services,

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