August 18, 2015
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Jojoto, Branford

Paella at Jojoto, Branford

(pronounced “hohoto”)

In this tiny Venezuelan restaurant, tucked into the short beach neighborhood of Branford, Chef Neil Fuentes is totally on to something. He’s actually on to many things. Raised on a farm in Venezuela, his mother’s classic cooking was an early inspiration. And after years of flying the friendly skies (an ex-flight attendant), he’s taken inspiration from his travels and honed his skills to turn out exciting Spanish-accented fare. Lucky us! Tuesday is Paella night so we dove right in: sweet scallops and clams, tender chicken and fluffy rice, with just the right hit of saffron. Adios, tacos, we’ve got a new love: arepas! A crispy corn flatbread topped with avocado, chicken and cheese is a wonder. The short rib, braised a full five hours, was so luscious we nearly licked the plate. Prepare to be confused about the parking. Or just watch this video before arriving. Did we mention that Neil is also a television personality?

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Arepas at Jojoto

Avocado and Chicken Arepa

Short Ribs at Jojoto, Branford

Short Rib

Paella at Jojoto

Perfect Paella


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