February 2, 2016
Newsletters / 1/20/16

30 Things To Do & A Getaway

Skiing at christmastime is a dicey affair. The likelihood of good conditions north or west are iffy. But my family likes to ski, and we don’t have much of an opportunity now that my daughter is in college. So off we went to Stowe for a few days with high hopes. We’ve stayed at the Stowe Mountain Lodge three or four times now. We love the easy access to the slopes and plenty of diversions (meandering pool, hot tub, giant gym, luxurious spa and a skating rink!). What we don’t love is that if you buy your room during their 20% off Black Friday sale, you are going, snow or no snow. Nonrefundable room and none of the white stuff in sight, we made our way to Stowe and we found plenty to keep us amused. 
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