May 22, 2016
Newsletters / 4/27/16

Mother’s Day Guide

My favorite holiday is fast approaching! Back in the overwhelming toddler days, I had a hard and fast rule: no cleaning, no cooking, no parenting responsibilities for ONE day. Oh, and brunch. That was the biggie because my little family has a weird distaste for it. Breakfast out? No problem. But chafing dishes filled with soggy pancakes freak my husband out. So once a year we go for it, mainly so I can eat a plateful of bacon. It’s never been about the presents in my house (although I’ve kept every single scribbled card), but now and then a treat is fun, too. This year, the team and I made a list of a few lovelies we’d be happy to receive for Mother’s Day. You may want to forward this along to someone who needs a nudge.

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