May 22, 2016
Newsletters / 3/23/16

Things To Do & Popular Posts

We’ve been busy, busy, busy over here at The E List and are taking a little breather this week. The last few lists have been so chock-full of info we thought we’d give you another crack at them. Last week we wrote about refreshing your wardrobe for Spring (including some nice discounts on house and dry-cleaning). Before that we covered some favorite haunts for Happy Hour. And in February we took a road trip to Blue Hill at Stone Barns and Arethusa al Tavolo. You’ll find all these articles (and more) in the links below. p.s. We spotted these charming bunnies at The Shop at the Florence Griswold Museum. And yup, they look just like the chocolate variety but they’re purely for decoration. If you’re looking to fill your baskets with something other than sweets, The Shop is packed with fun (and well-priced) Easter goodies and games. Head over and see for yourself. Happy Easter!

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