June 26, 2016
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O.P.’s Place, Niantic

Townies and tourists alike line up (or drive up) to this tiny ex-fotomat perched in a parking lot in Niantic. Mainly they come for the dog with the works: a foot long weiner smothered in melted cheese, chili, fresh onions on a buttered griddled roll. Me, I’ve yet to meet a hot dog I didn’t like, and I was good with this one, too. But the Walking Taco (Frito Pie) is a don’t miss: a bag of fritos doused with chili, cheese, onions and sour cream. A Walking Heart Attack may be a better name, but bizarrely yummy and irresistible.

Find O.P.’s in the parking lot at 36 Pennsylvania Avenue in Niantic

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