February 26, 2018
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A Bee Line to Branford for…Ramen & Donuts!

Donut Crazy

When traveling the strip mall-lined stretch of Route 1 in Branford and feeling a bit peckish, you don’t need to settle for Five Guys or Wendy’s anymore. If it’s a sweet treat you’re after, check out the newest outpost of Donut Crazy, the Fairfield-based baker of dough bomb insanity. Toppings and fillings run the gamut of Pop Tarts, Cannoli, Movie Night, S’mores (yay), and so many more. My favorite was the relatively sane Maple and Bacon, but this is coming from a girl who prefers her donuts plain. They’re a fun treat to surprise the family with on a weekend morning. Full breakfasts (donut grilled cheese anyone?) or crazy tots loaded with bacon, melted cheese, sour cream, and scallions are available, too. Avocado toast for the virtuous and grab a strong jolt of Nitro on tap.


Just down the street from Crazy is Takumi Sushi, Ramen & Lounge, a modern take on a sushi bar (and the fish looked super fresh and fabulous), but I can’t resist a bowl of steaming noodles. At lunchtime this place was hopping with customers hunched and slurping or chop-sticking fresh sushi and sashimi. The menu is vast and the ramen choices are many, but to take advantage of lunch pricing, go for the classic Tonkatzu Ramen at 9.50 (includes a salad).  Because I don’t get to Branford often so I got a ramen to-go, too. Gluten free available.

Takumi Ramen


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