New Haven

new haven contest
We've partnered with The Shops at Yale to bring you this exciting weekend getaway and shopping spree worth over $1000!
harvest new haven
A cool urban oasis for cocktails, wine, small plates and more in New Haven.
Elm City Social New Haven
Rooftop Tiki Bar, creative cocktails and summery small plates make for a perfect urban oasis.
10 Things To Do in New Haven
Arts & Ideas, Food and Bike Tours, Wine Tasting, Tie-dying, Solstice Yoga and MUSIC in New Haven this month.
Shell & Bones
An excellent outdoor dining experience at Shell & Bones in New Haven.
I ate the best Italian meal I've had in the last 87 hours at Caffe Bravo, (hey, it's New Haven).
This is my kind of place, and if I lived in New Haven I'd hang here all the time, cholesterol be damned. Cozy hole in the wall restaurant tacked onto a, well, fragrant cheese shop, serving all manner of fromage fantasies and classic bistro fare.
Crazy for donuts? Head straight here.
skappo blt
We love locally made products as much as we love local businesses.
cask brewery list
Cask is a restaurant and bar where classy meets cozy and when it comes to beer, you’ll find about 50 on tap and plenty more in bottles.
overshores brewery
At Overshores Brewing Company in East Haven, it’s all Belgian beer, all the time.
zinc gravlox
A good happy hour can only be brought to you by a good bartender, and Shane Hobart at New Haven’s Zinc is better than good.
116 crown gin tonic
Crown is a hip place known for its smashing cocktails and innovative plates, and their Happy Hour, 5 to 7pm weekdays and all night Thursdays, is a steal.
These Yale School of Management grads saw an opportunity in high quality, environmentally friendly, organic cotton men’s dress shirts.
Ragg's New Haven
Find an extensive assortment of men's European and Designer collections at Raggs.
Chairigami Chaise Lounge
Zachary Rotholz' idea of furniture is well-designed, lightweight, recyclable, and constructed from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard.
Mario Batali's pizza joint has opened in New Haven, but you'll find plenty of other well-conceived dishes on the menu, here. Oh, and don't miss the soft serve Sundae.
It's straight up tomato and mooz for me here, but regulars devour the Italian Bomb.

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