July 17, 2017

Ready To Exhale Wellness Retreat
30% Off

Ready To Exhale Wellness Retreat
Buy one retreat spot and the second will be 30% off. This retreat will be offered from Dec. 22nd to Dec. 23rd at the beautiful Interlaken Inn in Lakeville, Ct. Experience laughter and sisterhood. Enjoy the best possible place you can be to celebrate LIFE… with those who understand and validate you! Shared or private rooms, Meals and meet Laughing Yoga Master, Robert Rivest!
Valid until September 28, 2017

If you have lost your love for Christmas for whatever reason, if instead of dreading the holiday, here’s a chance to get you excited about it!

Celebrate this Christmas, 2017, surrounded by others who understand. The world depicts Christmas as a wonderful experience, but sometimes it can be sad, lonely, and dreaded. Let’s change that! Let’s make this Christmas a significant experience for a better YOU, and a lasting, wonderful memory!

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