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September 10, 2017
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14 Days of Bright Line Eating

Bright Line Eating

From The E List Archives:

After almost a year on Prednisone (that’s a story for another day) and three weeks in France on cheese, I was heading down that slippery slope of elastic waist pants (one of my DON’TS!). I needed some help getting the weight off. After watching “L” and many other friend’s success on POP, I know accountability is the key. Those weekly weigh-ins plus a face-to-face with a nutritionist keeps you in check. These days, I’m hesitant to add one more appointment to my plate, so I was on the hunt for an Internet-based solution (big surprise!). I came across Bright Line Eating, and this diet spoke to me. Well, Susan Peirce Thompson, the force behind the program spoke to me, and boy, was she engaging. I also liked the idea of “Bright Lines”: strict boundaries which essentially knock flour and sugar off your diet entirely. I find it easier to eliminate entire food groups, than allowing a little of this or a bit of that. Again, a slippery slope!

I signed up for the 14-day challenge, a two-week mini version of her 8-week boot camp. I got my journal and food scale, rid my pantry of offending items, and was off! As Susan says, losing weight is not for the faint of heart. You have to get your mind around the program: writing down exactly what you will eat the day before, and commit to eating nothing but what you’ve got in your journal. An informational and motivating video appeared in my inbox daily to keep me on track.

I loved the simplicity of the plan: a healthy carb for breakfast (oatmeal), plus one fruit and one protein. A protein, salad, and fruit for lunch; protein, salad, and cooked vegetable for dinner. That’s it. No eating between meals and you’ve got to weigh your food (not as horrendous as it sounds). There’s plenty of food, and if you struggle with sugar or carb addiction, this diet will cure you. I had a diet buddy to compare notes with (which definitely helped), and we both made it through three weeks. Then a couple of weeks of birthday celebrations, visiting relations, and vacation derailed me, but I’m back on track now. The best side effect besides shedding a couple of pounds per week is that I feel better in general. Losing that inflammatory flour and sugar helped my aching shoulders and knees quite a bit. Is it for everyone? No, I don’t think so. But if you’re in a hurry to lose a bunch of weight and need a daily dose of inspiration to do it, this could be your answer.

Learn more and sign up for the 14-Day Challenge here, and receive a free PDF: The Five Tools for Weight Loss Success.

There’s a book available, too. Bright Line Eating, The Science of Living Happy, Thin and Free.

photo: A favorite Bright Line dinner: Zoodles with Bolognese Sauce.

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