January 14, 2010
Travel / New York / The Breslin

The Breslin

Deliberately meat-centric, slightly indecipherable (scrumpets? Eton mess?) and authentically pubby, the Ace’s restaurant, The Breslin, offers up spot-on English-accented grub. Pork belly is the star here and cholesterol be damned, I ordered it for the first time in my life. Hardly photogenic but scrumptious nevertheless, served with a vat of heart-stopping creamy, buttery mashed.  After my piggy dinner, I chose steel cut oatmeal for breakfast (with an interesting salty note) but next time I’ll have the full on English breakfast (click here for photo) or gorgeous tray of croissants and hot cross buns. No reservations, but if you’re staying in the hotel, put your name on the list early.
p.s. if you can’t get in, head to the delightful Bar Breton, around the corner.

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