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November 3, 2010

Adorable Dinners by Jen Doraz

I’ve been known to throw Pasta Vita in a serving bowl and pass it off as my own, but that won’t work with Adorable Dinners by Jen Doraz. Hers are simply too pretty, and frankly, too good. My friends know it would never occur to me to stuff sage leaves under the chicken skin. This is righteous home-cooking kicked up a notch, and my family loves it. Hey, I’m no slouch in the kitchen, but I do resort to chicken sausages and a bag of salad pretty often. And at our house, stuffing is a once-a-year treat. Not for Jen: her plump, roasted chicken comes on a bed of sage, cranberry and sausage stuffing, and moist pork tenderloin (what’s the secret, Jen?) is bursting with cheddar and apples. Jen publishes her dinner menus on facebook and delivers them, yes, to your door on Tuesday or Thursday. The bird (pictured) is the second one I ordered, as we dug into the first one before I had a chance to take the photo. Fifteen bucks per generous portion including a side (dinner for three easily fed us for two nights). Wicked panko-crusted chicken tenders are offered for picky adults or your kids. Click here to see her menu on facebook and “like” her page to order dinner.
p.s. Thanksgiving sides available, too!


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