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November 24, 2010
Be Well / beauty / Jennie Fresa

Jennie Fresa Beauty Library

We eat clean and organic, exercise regularly and then blithely slap buckets of dye and cancer-causing parabens on our face. What’s wrong with this picture? As much as I love my Yves Saint Laurent foundation, I’m anxious about using it. Lucky for us, Jennie Fresa Beauty Library has just launched her own line of paraben-free, fragrance-free, mineral-based makeup. No puzzling jars of loose powder here, the foundations come in pressed powder (housed in a chic titanium case), a cream, and a tinted moisturizer. Eyeshadows, liners and lipsticks are paraben-free, too. Jennie’s sure hand and natural makeup style suits me, and I loved the results of her application. A bit of browshaping (with a supple wax that won’t make you wince), a magic concealer, a hint of eyeliner, a few false eyelashes (!) just for fun and I was good to go. Jennie offers facials, brow-waxing, make-up applications, lessons and one of my favorite lines of skin care: Farmaesthetics: 100% certified organic cleansers, moisturizers, bath and beauty oils, made in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Gift certificates available, too.

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