August 3, 2011

Just the Right Book

I’ve been gobbling fiction this summer (much more fun than a steady diet of Twitter for Dummies), including Ann Patchett’s new book, State of Wonder (loved), Steve Martin’s old book, An Object of Beauty (loved) and One Day which I bought for my daughter (liked, not loved, but plowed through it anyway). Just when I was desperate for a new suggestion, I heard about Just The Right Book’s book quiz.  Answer a few simple, and apparently revealing questions and, voila, a list of books tailored to your taste appear. I am completely unwilling to let yet another local bookstore bite the dust, so I’m buying the recommendations in support of one of the last surviving independent booksellers on the Shoreline.
p.s. Did you know you can buy e-books directly from the RJJulia site? Check it out.
Photo: The Hungry Freelancer

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