September 13, 2011
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Five Trends for Fall 2011

After a long career mired in it, I’m happy to be out of the fashion industry. But there’s something about September Vogue hitting the stands, that makes me itchy for something new. I have enough clothes in my closet (especially if I lose that sticky 10 pounds) to easily see me for the rest of my days, but that won’t stop me from making a few well-considered purchases. My mantra this year: don’t buy anything I already own. For me, that means no navy blazers, no dark skinny jeans and no black pants. Here’s my wish list for fall 2011.


1.  While I’m not ready to give up my skinny jeans just yet, I’m yearning for a vaguely 70’s look this season and these jeans satisfy. High waisted and tight to the knee, with a flare that covers a platform shoe or high-heeled boot, this is the look I’m after. In a deep, dark navy twill that goes with just about everything.  Check out the Long and lean jean at the Gap.


2.  I’m liking all the lady-like looks, but most don’t fit into my rural/mommy/work-at-the-dining-room-table lifestyle. Frankly, I wear mainly yoga pants. Now and then, however, I do have to make a rather public appearance and look pulled together. Tie neck tops are everywhere and for good reason. They give a feminine edge to any outfit, and vee necks are a lovely way to elongate (read: slim) the body. They work well under this season’s all important blazer, but are fun with jeans, too. Silk is a good choice, but this knit version is a versatile piece. Nordstrom Tie Neck Top


3.  Capes were big news on the runway, but I don’t know many women who shop the likes of Lanvin and Yves St. Laurent. I like ’em, though, and a cape completes the 70’s vibe I’m after this fall. And there are some perfectly sound reasons for a cape: it’s an easy piece that fits every body shape and you can throw it on over a heavy sweater or blazer (unlike the ubiquitous trench). Think poncho update. Besides, it’s dramatic. The trick is finding one that’s chic and classic, yet budget friendly. Here’s a good version from J. Crew. JCrew Cape


4. And a lady-like bag? That’s a cinch. Coach has relaunched all the classic bags my mother collected, including the satchel, duffel and field bag. It’s about time. These bags will not only never go out of style, they last a lifetime and get better with age. I wish I had the photo to prove it, but I have an image of my mother in a tweed suit, that satchel bag in British Khaki and high-heeled boots that would look as fresh today as 1976. Coach Classics


5. Aarg. Boots. My downfall. And so hard to choose just one. Here’s where to spend the money, because a good boot lasts forever, and, in my opinion, gets better with age. If you saw my 10 year old Arche suede ankle boots, you’d agree. I’m lusting after these Fiorentini and Baker Suede Ankle Boots with a bit of a heel (perfect for those jeans above). I like the sturdiness of them, the stacked heel and the colors! Groovy gray or a surprising mauve that will manage to match most everything. For a more lady-like look that suits a pencil skirt, these Elizabeth and James suede ankle booties will do the trick.

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