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September 28, 2011
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September 28, 2011

Ah, fall. It’s official, but not entirely a bad thing. Like any true New Englander, I LOVE all the seasons. The back to school insanity (clothes! shoes! school supplies!) is over, but it’s left me a bit nostalgic for my formative years in Cambridge, MA. Here’s what I miss: my annual shopping trip to the scuffed and dusty aisles of the Harvard Coop and and, after studying the options for hours, carefully selecting my supplies. (Staples just doesn’t cut it for me, the plethora of plastic is vaguely depressing.) My sister and I would load up on fine-linedVe Ri Tas notebooks, Flair felt-tips, and those wonderful cartridge fountain pens, for practicing our flourishing script. Of course, they probably don’t exist anymore, but neither does cursive. If you’re nostalgic for back-to-school, go! Here are a few ideas for classes on the Shoreline.
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