November 23, 2011

Just the Right Book

You’re right, I have every current gadget and I consider myself a full-fledged geek after three years of running a company that only exists online: iPad, iPhone, Kindle and several versions of Macs, but, hey! It’s a write-off! Here’s the thing, while I own up to reading plenty on my various gadgets, for me, there is still nothing like cracking the real thing. Nothing. And, honey, if you’re reading this: what I’d really like for the holidays is Just The Right Book. Happy to let the geniuses at RJ Julia pick out my reading material and, just for The E List readers, you get a FREE book when you send a 12 month subscription to Just the Right Book on Black Friday (adult’s or children’s). Use code myelist at checkout. Oh, and free shipping, too!

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