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March 28, 2012
Discover / fashion / The Wrap at Vitality Spa

The Wrap at Vitality Spa

Throughout my twenties, generally in March, I’d find the cheapest flight to the islands (no matter which) and take off with not much more than a bikini, sarong, sundress and sandals. It didn’t matter how long it took, or how many connections as long as there was a relatively clean room on the beach when I arrived. I think of this now, as I look around my hotel room in Miami and bemoan the overweight suitcase I PAID $50 EXTRA FOR: eight tees, four blouses, two jackets, five pants, two dresses, a cardigan, three swimsuits, two coverups and, yes, seven pairs of shoes not too mention enough underwear to last a month and six pairs of yoga pants.

Oh, and a hat, two bags, and four kinds of sunscreen. In my carry on? Swimsuit, sundress, flips flops, teeny travel sizes of essential products. Just in case. What’s happened to me? It’s as if I prepare so well for any mishap, I’ve forgotten the reason one travels. Adventure! I miss my old carefree me. But, I think I’ve found something that could possibly get me back there: The WRAP by Angelrox. This one-size-fits-most skirt/dress/shawl/tunic can be worn a zillion ways (well, almost) and it’s as much fun to play with as to wear. You’ve simply got to watch the video (click here). The Wrap, a swimsuit, flip flops and you’re good to go. Find it at Vitality Spa in Old Lyme.

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