May 23, 2012
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Beach Towels

The ultimate beach towel is tricky: too thick and it’s cumbersome to carry, too thin and sand seeps through. A pattern is nice but beach towels last, so plan to love it. Here’s a few goodies: I covet the Missoni version, but won’t pay the price. If you’re willing to wait until August for delivery and shell out $225, this one’s for you.

Much more reasonable and hopelessly cool is the Pendleton Spa Towel ($48) patterned after their classic Native American blankets. Ikat patterns speak to me (years, believe it or not, of studying textiles), and I think this towel (pictured) from Land’s End is THE ONE (available in a cheery yellow and turquoise, too).  It’s monogrammable and nicely priced at $35 or buy three and take $9 off.

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