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June 27, 2012
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Best Antiques 2012

When we moved here from our small house in Marblehead to our bigger house in Old Lyme, my decorating budget was, to put it gently, restrained. A trip to Treasures was practically a daily event back then. While I moseyed through the rooms of antique, vintage and consignment goods, owner Judy entertained my young daughter with boxes of beads and junk jewelry. Some of those early purchases were “placeholders,” a temporary solution until I found just the right piece. Looking around my (once again) smaller house in Lyme, I see that all of them remained: my daughter’s Empire style bed, several side tables, a few alabaster lamps, a bureau here, a console there and piles of ironstone platters. Treasure’s inventory is vast and ever-changing: farm tables, quasi-antiques painted pale gray, pine armoires and dozens of vintage cocktail stems live happily among French (ish) twin beds and freshly reupholstered (ikat! toile!) chaise longues. I’ve trained my daughter to size up the goods lined up in front of the shop as we drive by and let me know if a stop is required. She’s developed quite an eye for clean lines and a bargain, and I imagine when she’s ready to furnish her first house, she’ll head straight to Treasures.

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