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June 29, 2012
Readers Poll / Winners

2012 Best of the Shoreline

I absolutely love the Annual Reader’s Poll. After doling out my two cents all year long, it’s great to find out what you think AND I always discover some new “bests” to check out. Most fun of all is reading the answers to “anything we’ve forgotten”. Beach Donuts (Clinton) got so many votes it warrants its own category. Apparently Jessica Berthiaume is the best Shoreline psychic and East Haven High School has the best marching band. I omitted best indie bookstore, because there are only two left (I think), and I LOVE them both (as do you): R.J. Julia (Madison) and Breakwater Books (Guilford). Lots of you are fans of Atlantic Seafood and Coffee’s Country Market (me, too!). Here are the winners. Congrats to all!

Best Restaurant:

1) River Tavern, Chester
2) Liv’s Oyster Bar, Old Saybrook
3) Cafe Routier, Old Saybrook

Best Massage:

1) Spa of Essex
2) Vitality, Old Lyme
3) Rituals, Guilford

Best Hair Salon:

1)  Timothy Pamment Salon, Madison
2)  Essence, Old Saybrook
3)  Echo, Guilford

Day Spa:
1) Spa of Essex
2) Rituals Spa, Guilford
3) Vitality Spa, Old Lyme


1) Oasis, Madison
2) Hands Down, Clinton
3) Cozy Nails, Old Saybrook

Med Spa
1) Fuzion, Branford
2) YOLO, Guilford
3) Rituals Spa, Guilford

1) Spa of Essex
2) Rituals Spa, Guilford
3) Essence, Old Saybrook

Take Out:

1) Pasta Vita, Old Saybrook
2) Zhang’s, Old Saybrook
3) Bradley & Wall, Madison

Outdoor Dining:

1) Bill’s Seafood, Westbrook
2) Blue Oar, Haddam
3) The Place, Guilford


1) Da Vinci’s
2) Bufalina, Guilford
3) Pizzaworks, Old Saybrook

Ethnic Food:

1) Som Siam, Guilford & Old Saybrook
2) Darbar, Branford
3) Hanami, Clinton


1) 4 & 20 Blackbirds, Guilford
2) Howard’s Bread, Farmer’s Markets and Fromage
3) Tied: Vanderbrooke’s, Old Saybrook and  Simon’s, Chester

Family Dining:

1) Lenny & Joe’s, Madison
2) Chip’s Pub, Clinton
3) Pizzaworks, Old Saybrook


1) Paperback Cafe, Old Saybrook
2) Perk on Church, Guilford
3) Ashlawn Farm, Lyme

Ice Cream:

1) Ashley’s
2) Old Lyme Ice Cream Shoppe
3) Main Street Sweet Shoppe, Deep River


1) Christy’s, Westbrook
2) Hidden Kitchen, Guilford
3) Whistle Stop, Deep River


1) Cloud Nine, Old Saybrook
2) Coffee’s Country Market, Old Lyme
3) Pasta Vita, Old Saybrook


1) River Tavern, Chester
2) Cafe Routier, Westbrook
3) The Griswold Inn Wine Bar, Essex


1) Shoreline Health and Fitness, Old Saybrook and Clinton
2) Squared Circle, Deep River
3) Inshape, Branford

Specialized Gym:

1) Squared Circle, Deep River
2) Shoreline Health and Fitness
3) Athena’s Fitness Synergy


1) Essex Pilates & Yoga
2) Pilates for Life, Essex
3) Athena’s Fitness Synergy, Guilford

Personal Trainer:

1) Danielle Graham, Synergy Health and Fitness
2) Kati Papooshka, Shoreline Health and Fitness
3) Athena Thompson, Athena’s Fitness Synergy

Women’s Clothing:

1) Ella Where She Shops, Guiilford
2) Flutterby, Guilford
3) Third place tie: Swish (Guilford and Branford) and Azul (Old Saybrook)

Men’s Clothing:

1) Anchor & Compass, Deep River
2) J. Alden Clothiers, Essex
3) Flutterby, Guilford

Outdoor Outfitter/Sporting:

1) Trailblazer, Branford
2) Soundrunner, Old Saybrook and Branford
3) Guilford Sports


1) Treasures, Old Lyme
2) Gather, Ivoryton
3) Maximus Antiques, Old Saybrook


1) First place tie: Tova’s, Old Saybrook and Peonies, Centerbrook
2) Cinderella’s Attic, Guilford
3) Fantasia, Old Saybrook


1) BSK Design, Guilford
2) Deep River Design
3) Taken for Granite, Stony Creek


1) Bowerbird, Old Lyme
2) Flutterby, Guilford
3) Mix Design Store, Guilford


1) Saybrook Country Barn, Old Saybrook
2) Venetucci Home, Westbrook
3) Madison Furniture Barn


1) Lulu’s, Guilford
2) Beneath the Gown, Clinton
3) Fripperies, Mystic


1) Trudy’s European Shoes, Guilford
2) Clinton Bootery, Clinton
3) Shoetique, Branford

Hardware Store:
1) Page Hardware & Appliance Co., Guilford
2) Essex Hardware
3) Laysville Hadware, Old Lyme


1) Ashleigh’s Garden, Essex
2) Madison Flower Shop, Madison
3) White House Florist & Greenhouse, Guilford


1) Fromage Fine Foods, Old Saybrook
2) The Cheese Shop of Centerbrook, Centerbrook
3) Foxglove and Madison Cheese, Madison


1) Coastal Liquors, Branford
2) Frank’s Package Store, Guilford
3) Shoreline Discount Liquors, Deep River


1) Greene Art Gallery, Guilford
2. BSK Design, Guilford
3) The Cooley Gallery, Old Lyme

Movie Theater:

1) Madison Art Cinemas
2) Westbrook Marquee
2) Niantic Cinemas

Live Theater:

1) The Kate, Old Saybrook
2) Goodspeed Opera House, East Haddam
3) Ivoryton Playhouse

Kid’s Store:

1) Red Balloon, Essex
2) Tied for second:  Deep River Toy Company and Jordie’s Toy Store
3) Just Hatched, Guilford

Kid’s Parties:

1) Stay and Play, LLC, Old Sabyrook
2) Bounce U, North Branford
3) Ray of Light Farm, East Haddam


1) Lucy’s Tailors, Branford
2) Angie Lu, Guilford
3) Ideal Cleaners, Essex

Dog Groomer:

1) A Hair of the Dog, Guilford
2) Tied for second: Dogs to Dragons and Pet’s Choice
3) Pampered Pets

Furniture Refinisher:

1) Benchmark
2) The Madison Stock Exchange
3) Furniture Doctor

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