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July 27, 2012
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Tassle Studio

Like most of us, ultimately I heeded many of my mother’s pearls of wisdom, one of which was: paint your walls white, as a clean canvas for your art. While I ignored some advice (never show your gums when smiling), this one I embraced. My husband occasionally complains that he feels like he’s living in a hotel, but I do like mainly neutral colors around me. Or at least I thought so until I walked into Tassle.

This new destination for Hannah Childs’ Interior Design is exuberantly colorful. You’ll find a bright selection of lighting, rugs, pillows and discounted fabrics by the yard, all in vivid prints and graphic patterns. Have to say, I loved all of it, and any of her home accessories would live quite happily against my white walls. Open Tuesday thru Thursday, 11 – 4 (or by appointment), hidden at 2 Huntley Road (behind Halls Road) in Old Lyme.

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