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October 3, 2012
Eat / foodie / Zest Fresh Pastry

Zest Fresh Pastry

ZEST Fresh Pastry
Typically, at the Lyme Farmer’s Market, I abandon my good intentions as soon as I hit the field (No wheat! No fat! Nothing but vegetables!) and head straight for Zest and their scone of the day. This week it was decadently lumpy with corn and cheddar cheese, others, it’s been fresh blue or strawberries. I dither over trays of sweet or savory shortbreads, miniature palmiers and sandwich cookies (handcrafted s’mores!) and eagerly accept a taste of handmade marshmallow.
But, here’s the thing, everything is adorably small and entirely worthy of a teeny indulgence. You don’t have to feel too guilty. AND, the girls behind Zest flavor their unusual treats with things like lavender and green tea. Find Zest Fresh Pastry at Lyme Farmer’s Market, Coventry Farmer’s Market and their soon-to-open bakery at the Velvet Mill in Stonington. Online sales are in the works; currently find Zest Fresh Pastry on facebook and email to order.

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