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January 16, 2013
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G-Zen Buddha Brunch

I try not to be the person who says things like “we’re not lake people, we’re beach people” or “we’re not brunch people, we’re breakfast people”.  It’s so annoying. In fact, we’re NOT brunch people, mainly because my husband is grossed out by vats of gummy eggs and greasy bacon, but I  like to think that one day I might be a brunch person. “All brunches aren’t like that,” I tell him. “Often you can order off the menu. You can even choose something healthy”, begging now. So I didn’t even ask him to go when I heard about G-Zen’s Buddha Brunch. I called the ever-willing Carol D. and she was IN. Can I just say that brunch is as fun, if not more so, than dinner out? I dunno, there’s just something festive about it. The Bloody Mary (spiked with sake; light and delish) helped. But, oh, the food. There’s tons to choose from and we tried a lot of yummy stuff: dim sum (pictured), quiche, but here’s what I say, have the Acai Berry Bowl, a semi-frozen, glorious mass of superfood, which is sweet- crunchy-slightly coconut-y and banana-y and falls somewhere between having an ice cream sundae for breakfast and heaven. A steady stream of happy, brunching people mobbed the place and you should, too. And instead of that horrible overfull “brunch” feeling, you’ll leave with a bounce in your step. Go. Enjoy.

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