January 23, 2013
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Shoreline Concierge

For several weeks I had been receiving emails from the Shoreline Concierge. An offer to head up to Whole Foods and buy all the ingredients for the Dr. Oz Three Day Cleanse grabbed me, and I called Lori. She showed up at my door with bags of fresh veggies and frozen fruit and charged a measly $20 to do all the schlepping. She’s happy to run errands, grocery shop, organize and provide a slew of other services. For me, the Dr. Oz cleanse was a perfect three day break after an overindulged holiday: four fruit and vegetable smoothies a day that are simple to make at home with a blender (no juicer required). Click here for the cleanse recipes and shopping list. Call Lori at 860.514.9494 or check out her website here.

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