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January 23, 2013
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Washi Tape

I’m a late-comer to Washi Tape. But the rest of the world seems to know about this fascinating product from Japan that allows you to stick anything anywhere with no harm to the wall or image. What is it? Painters tape in pretty colors. While I was sorting out a drawer of old photos and filing them away in Ikea boxes  (never to be seen again), it dawned on me that I could simply stick them on the wall and enjoy them daily (full disclosure: got the idea from Pinterest). I ordered a bunch of tape from Cutetape and upon delivery, spent a satisfying 20 minutes hanging this collage on my bathroom wall.
Now, every time I go to the loo, I can relive some of my happiest moments! If your images are mainly digital and you want to give this a go, head over to Jay’s Photoshop in Old Saybrook.  He’ll turn your digital images into physical photos in a snap. Either use his online technology (upload your photos from your computer) or hand over your cell phone, CD or memory stick. He’ll adjust for the best color and clarity, a service you won’t find at the CVS or Shutterfly. This month 4×6 images, normally 39 cents are 29. Get all your memories organized: let Jay transpose your home movies (every kind) to DVD, burn your albums so you have a physical archive, and restore old photos. He’s a Photoshop whiz and provides something entirely lacking these days: personal service.

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