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May 3, 2013
Eat / foodie / Beer'd

Beer’d Brewing Company

Beer’d Brewing Company is the vision of two Rochester Institute of Technology grads in the unlikely location of the Velvet Mill. Thinking that traffic for a Brewery would be light on a Sunday, we were surprised to see a steady stream filing in, to fill up their Growlers with Whisker’d Whit (a wheat beer with an orange curacao finish) and American Brown Ale (with notes of toffee and chocolate).
Precious and Aaren, owners and brewers, make a great team: while he handles the intricacies of brewing, she pours generous tastes and cheerfully describes the beer and its process. Your $10 Growler is filled under pressure, with as little air as possible in the “cold” room, while you have a chance to savor the tastings and peruse the cute logo merch. Both Precious and Aaren have kept their day jobs for the moment, so hours at the Brewery are Friday from 5 – 9pm, Saturday and Sunday from 1 – 5pm. Beer’d is also available at the charming Pizzette in Mystic.

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