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May 29, 2013
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Hen & Heifer

Before everything was “awesome”, we used other adjectives. My mother’s two favorites were exquisite and elegant, both of which come to mind upon entering Hen & Heifer, Guilford’s new French patisserie and bakery. NYC transplant and French Culinary Institute-educated baker, Whang Suh, has finally furnished the Shoreline with THE perfect croissant: a flaky, buttery crust that shatters at first bite with a stretchy, slightly yeasty interior. But you won’t stop there. Treat yourself to a cannele, that elusive and tiny French fluted cake with a burnt caramel crust, or a precious box of six delectable (and gluten free) macarons.


Everything here is done well and exacting, from the fastidious kitchen, to the trays of almond, chocolate and plain croissant, Madeleines and Financiers and signature Hen and Heifer sugar cookies; even snacks for the gluten-free or calorie-counting (homemade granola bars, yogurt parfaits and free range, hard boiled eggs). Choose a marble-topped table in the Federal Blue paneled cafe (a nod to the historic character of Guilford) to enjoy your Ashlawn Farm Coffee or Mariage Frere tea, or head to the clutch of tables in the courtyard. You will love it here.



Whang Suh, the expert baker behind Hen & Heifer, fired up a Creme Brulee for us. Click the video to see his artful technique. We were wowed by the fastidiously clean and meticulously organized kitchen, and the precision that is evident in every single crumb of cake and croissant. Nothing better than sitting in the sun-dappled courtyard with a mid-afternoon treat and a cup of Mariage Freres tea. As close to Paris as you’ll get on the Shoreline.



Creme Brulee
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