May 15, 2013
Newsletters / May 5, 2013

May 5, 2013

My love affair with food trucks dates back to first grade. We had just moved to Cambridge and I found myself in a hulking, brick school with a vast and terrifying cement schoolyard, so unlike the teeny kindergarten I had left behind in New Hampshire. My brown bag lunch was the only familiar thing that remained: a shmear of peanut butter on Pepperidge Farm white bread. Perhaps an apple. My mother didn’t believe in treats in the house: no cookies, no candy, a rare scoop of ice cream. By the time the school bell rang, I had an unbearable longing for something, anything sweet. And there, at the curb, was the coffee truck and my salvation: Peggy Lawton Choco-Chip cookies. For fifteen cents, three enormous cookies were mine: tooth-achingly sweet, studded with mini chocolate chips and a tiny bit salty. Besides being sent to the corner for talking too much (no surprise there) those cookies are the thing I remember most about first grade. Food trucks have come a long way since the days of cello-wrapped foodstuffs. Here’s a list of local trucks, all of whom will come to you and cater your summer shindigs.

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