July 10, 2013
Fun / Art / Kate Cordsen

Kate Cordsen at Lori Warner

You’d think I know a thing or two about art: I was born into a family of artists and dragged to museums as soon as I could toddle. Still, I don’t always “get” what I’m looking at. For me, a visit to the artist’s studio helps me to understand the work. That’s why I jumped at the chance to see Kate Cordsen’s studio and preview her photographs and paintings in preparation for her upcoming show at Lori Warner Gallery.

Everything is appealing about Kate: her rigorous aesthetic, muted palette, the minimalist studio, her stunning home (featured in the pages of CT Cottages and Gardens), but Ravine, a new series of photographs, reveals what interests her. The large scale, dramatic photographs of reflections in watery landscapes have a dreamlike, almost abstract quality. And they’re gorgeous. Solo exhibit at Lori Warner opens Saturday, July 13th with a reception at 6pm. Read more about Kate’s work here:

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