August 21, 2013
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After All Boutique

The incidence rates of breast cancer are one in eight.  Every one of us has been affected, either personally or our friends and relatives. It’s scary. But the brand new After All Boutique in Madison provides solace. There’s nothing depressing here; just smart solutions and aids for women in all stages of cancer: from Queezies (a natural antidote to nausea) to fashionable wraps to wear during radiation (goodbye drab hospital gown!) to eye brow fill-ins, this shop will lift your spirits.
The bra selection, with pockets for prosthesis, is outstanding, running the gamut from jog to strapless to Victoria’s Secret sexy. A chic assortment of swimwear have prosthesis pockets, too, but styling is fashionable and right on the money.  Other offerings include supportive camisoles, compression garments, self care books and fun jewelry and scarves. Head over for a look-see and make an appointment for their expert fittings for breast forms and bras. This shop is a welcome addtion to the Shoreline; spread the word!

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