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September 11, 2013
Be Well / health & wellness / Dust Mites?

Dust Mites?

Have you ever seen pictures of dust mites? GAAAH. Hideous. But apparently they’re everywhere, and they especially love bedding, rugs and curtains, causing all manner of allergy symptoms: runny noses, itchy eyes, even asthma. My husband likes to say why worry about things you can’t control? But things like dust mites do worry me (just a tad neurotic) and yes, we can control them. August is apparently a big month for dust mite love and procreation so it’s time to whip all that stuff off to the cleaners. Both Best Cleaners and Whiteway offer pick up and delivery service, so much handier than hauling the big stuff (curtains, duvets, pillows) yourself.
p.s. throw your old, smelly Uggs in the Best Cleaners bag and you’ll get them back fresh and clean, too.  NOTE: Best Cleaners does not pick up in Lyme/Old Lyme.

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