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September 18, 2013
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For The Table at Six Main

We have a saying in my family: FTT. It’s an acronym for “for the table”, which means you don’t want to appear too piggy by over-ordering. So you order a few extra sides or apps,  for the table.  When I eat out with my sister, Billie, everything we order is FTT and we tend to order WAY TOO MUCH. Such was the case last week when I brought her to Six Main, our happy vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Chester.
We couldn’t decide, so after fresh cocktails (Lime in the Coconut: coconut juice, aged rum, agave and fresh lime juice – 145 calories), we feasted on Vegan Nachos, incredible Buffalo Cauliflower (fried cauliflower with Buffalo blue cheese dressing, a super yummy and healthy alternative to wings!), a pretty plate of grilled carrots and nutty, toothsome Farro Risotto. We finished it off with Almond Joy Ice Cream Sliders. I have yet to meet an overweight Vegan, so I don’t worry much when I’m devouring chef Rachel Carr’s cooking. I asked her for a healthy fall recipe; here’s her mushroom quinoa risotto.
p.s. Skip FTT and enjoy a three course, prix fixe $25 menu with a $5 wine pairing, Mondays through Wednesdays.

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