October 9, 2013
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Still Writing, The Perils and Pleasures of a Creative Life

One of the reasons I started The E List is because I had an idea for a book. I enrolled in a few Adult Ed writing classes at Wesleyan, joined a writing group (thank you Tina, Debbie and Dianne) and wrote myself around in circles for two years. My unhappy realization was that I could write a paragraph or two (hence The E List) but a book was beyond me.

This weekend I picked up CT author, Dani Shapiro’s latest, Still Writing, The Perils and Pleasures of a Creative Life. In witty and relatable prose, Dani examines the struggles of a writer’s life. I get it: some days it takes me ten minutes to write a blurb, others five hours. The agony is I never know which sort of day I’m facing. Whether you’re a writer or not, if you’re stuck with a creative roadblock, you’ll find solace in Still Writing. That book is still inside me and thanks to Dani Shapiro, I just might give it another go. Dani Shapiro will be at RJ Julia on October 10th (got my ticket) and a writer’s retreat, for beginners to published authors, at Kripalu from November 1 – 3.

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