September 16, 2014

Swedish Rugs at Elle Design Studio

I must have missed the memo, because I had no idea that one can develop all sorts of new allergies at mid-life. I’ve always had trouble with kitties and hay, but these days it seems like pretty much everything sets me to wheezing. Especially my bedroom, which is the only room in the house that has carpeting AND curtains AND cloth pretty much everywhere.  All that fabric harbors, horror of horrors, dust mites, which apparently is my latest allergen. On the hunt for some hypo-allergenic replacements, I came across these beautiful rugs (swatches above) at Elle Design Studio in Chester. Made in Sweden (the source of so much outstanding design), and crafted entirely from PVC, but it’s hard to believe they’re plastic! Not only are they hypo-allergenic, but flame retardant, non-toxic and super easy to clean. Just toss them in the wash, or hose them down outside. Elle Design keeps some sizes and patterns in stock from throw rugs to runners, or custom order exactly the color, pattern and size that you need. Good to know: Elle Design has moved across the street to bigger quarters, stocked with handmade and vintage furniture, home decor and design services with an eye to modern, organic elements and sustainable manufacturing. Say you saw it on The E List and receive 20% off any custom vinyl rug order, this weekend only, through 9/14. 

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