February 6, 2015

February Staycation Ideas & …Melanie! 2/4/15

My sister, Billie, and I were obsessed with Melanie. We knew all the words to Brand New Key and Lay Down (Candles in the Rain). We liked her version of Ruby Tuesday better than Mick’s. And we loved her look: those big doe eyes, her bangs, the flower child maxi dresses. We even started our own singing group (the Daffodils!) inspired by her (Billie has the voice, I can’t carry a tune). We were too young for Woodstock, but we were surrounded by hippies, patchouli, and love beads in our hometown of Cambridge, MA. When I heard Melanie was coming to The Kate I snapped up tickets. And when I was offered an opportunity for an interview, I jumped at it. In the middle of this week’s snowstorm, and on the eve of her birthday, I rang her up. She was EXACTLY what I expected: that slightly raspy voice, with a hint of a New York accent and so humble, lovely and somehow familiar. Read my interview: 10 Things You Might Not Know About Melanie here and absolutely buy your tickets now. Hope to see you at The Kate on 2/14.

This week’s list: in advance of February break, I asked my friend Tina Rupp, (who still has little ones) to write about some of her favorite day trips with kids. If you’re staycating this February, but desperate to get out of the house after all this snow, here are her ideas.

Click here to read the entire list.

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