March 2, 2015
Newsletters / East Haddam! 2/25/15

East Haddam is Happening! 2/25/15

Am I the LAST person on the Shoreline to use Pea Pod? Last week, stuck without a car, I decided to give the home-delivery grocery service a try. That, and the fact that I seem to be using (and schlepping) absurd amounts of all the bulky stuff: chicken stock, canned tomatoes and cannellini beans (soup for dinner, again!). It seems a bit pricier than the grocery store, but I saved a ton by sticking with my list, not getting sidetracked and buying a bunch of stuff I didn’t need. And, voila! All the heavy cartons and canned goods showed up at my door, along with extra large packs of paper towels and toilet paper! It’s amazing how the little things will MAKE YOUR DAY this winter. Not sure that I’d venture to order produce or meat (for home delivery of those and more head directly to CT Farm Fresh) but for basics and stocking up, it’s positively genius!

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