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May 19, 2015
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Al Fresco at Cafe Flo

Reposted from The E List archives…

You know the feeling. You have a date with a friend that you are so looking forward to, but you’ve got a hundred emails to return, a massive to-do list, and a cloud of anxiety settling in. How does it all get done? Sometimes just taking a break is the only way to rid yourself of The Overwhelm. That was me last week when I headed over to Cafe Flo for lunch with an old friend. As soon as I sat down on the terrace overlooking the Lieutenant River, my hunched shoulders slid away from my ears. This is one of my favorite al fresco spots. And it’s easy to see why this view inspired and launched an entire artist’s colony. Gourmet Galley runs the kitchen here, and dishes up everything from this summery Salad Nicoise, to Lobster BLT’s, and a simple but elegant French chicken breast. (I always want to ask WHO orders the liverwurst sandwich??). Whether you’re visiting the museum (and you’ve still got two weeks left for Peter Halley’s Big Paintings), or just stopping by for lunch, this is a don’t miss summer treat.

p.s. Gourmet Galley catered a delish dinner recently at the Lyman Allyn Gala, starting with a creamy and wonderfully fresh Asparagus Soup. We’re smack in the middle of local asparagus season, so I grabbed a few bunches and begged Anna, owner of Gourmet Galley, for the recipe. click here for it. 

Now open for 2019

96 Lyme Street in Old Lyme

Café Flo Hours
Wednesday, May 1 through Sunday, October 27
Tuesday through Sunday 11:30am-3pm

Cafe Flo


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