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August 18, 2015
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Stony Creek Market, Stony Creek

Stony Creek Pizza

An The E List guest writer tipped us off with her prize-winning blurb on the phenomenon of Stony Creek Market’s pizza. Finally returning to the scene this summer, we concur! Tasty, chewy, blistering pies are served every weekend from Friday through Sunday, 5-9pm. The view from the deck is crazy: overlooking the Thimble Islands through lush flowers and potted palms! We breezed in early. By six pm the deck was one big party, overflowing with young and old. (We hear the pizza secret is a bit of sweet potato in the crust). Pizza is served from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend, BYOB.  But the Market doesn’t end there. Greg and Valerie keep it open all year, serving a full menu of deli sandwiches on fresh bread, delivered daily, from NYC, salads and baked treats. Call ahead for pizza: 203-488-0145

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Stony Creek Market Sandwich Menu Board
Sandwich Menu Board
Stony Creek Market Pizza Al Fresco
Pizza Al Fresco
Thimble Islands, Stony Creek, Branford
Thimble Islands
Pizza at Stony Creek Market, Stony Creek
Pizza with a view of Thimble Islands


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