May 22, 2016
Newsletters / 3/16/16

Spring ReFresh

transitional collage

I have this image of myself barefoot on a beach, with a flowing, floral-printed, bell- sleeved maxi dress. And I keep buying that dress whenever I see it. Then I try it on in the comfort of my own home and say to myself, who am I kidding? I do not look good in a flowing, floral-printed, bell-sleeved maxi dress. I never will. It is simply NOT ME. The crazy thing is, I know exactly what is me. I know what suits me and most importantly, I know what I’m comfortable in. And, invariably that is some combination of a blazer with slim jeans or black pants, a tee, and boots (or maybe sneakers because I’m obsessed, see below). But that hippy chick in the maxi dress just seems like she’s having more fun. There is a certain comfort, however, in having a go-to style. This time of year we’re sorting through our closets trying to figure out what to wear during the weird “transition” season, no longer winter, not quite spring. My wardrobe is sort of transition all year long, so I’ve put together a capsule that might just work for you, too. Until, of course, you can pull out that flowing, floral-printed, bell-sleeved maxi dress for a walk on the beach.

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